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Plastics grills

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The PH grills are function grills which direct the inlet or outlet of the air masses from the air system piping.
According to their type, these grills comprise the one-row type and two-row type. As to the air flow way, they fall into those with battery blade and those without it. The battery blade is controlled by a setting rod which is set onto the arresting pin when the chosen position has been set. The projecting rod part can be shortened.

The profiled self-fixing bars are to be set by special wrenches being part of delivery. The blade is to be positioned always by two wrenches which are to be set onto the blades as near as possible to both edges and by moving around the blades is set into position. The grills are made of hardened polystyrene (HPS) in the hue RAL 7035 – bright grey.

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